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Medically Managed Weight Loss

What Is Medically Managed Weight Loss?

Medically managed or supervised weight loss combines dietary and lifestyle changes, exercise and medications which are FDA approved for weight loss.  This treatment is best suited for generally healthy individuals who have trouble losing weight despite diet or exercise.  Typically, patients will have a BMI (body mass index) of greater than 25.  Calculate your BMI here.

How Does It Work?

Your NuReveal clinician will examine you and determine if you are a candidate for this program.  The consultation requires a comprehensive lab panel in order to rule out any other causes for weight gain or slow metabolism.  Once medically cleared, you will receive nutritional counseling, exercise recommendations, and if appropriate medication to aid in weight loss either by controlling appetite or increasing metabolism or both.  A vitamin and amino acid injection may be recommended to help boost weight loss and fat metabolism.

What Are The Benefits?

  • FDA approved medication, combined with diet and exercise, increase weight loss.
  • Individualized treatment plan.
  • Medically supervised treatment plan that may be adjusted as needed to meet desired weight loss goal.

When Are Results Noticeable?

Rate of weight loss will vary on an individual basis but typically patients will experience some weight loss in the first 2-4 weeks.  Expected weight loss with medication is approximately10-15% of excess body weight.  Most medications should be discontinued if at least a 5% decrease in baseline body weight is not achieved after 12 weeks at maintenance dosage.

How Long Do The Results Last?

In order for results to last, diet and lifestyle changes should continue even if medication is discontinued.  Length of time that medication will be prescribed is to be determined on an individual basis.  Compliance will all prescribed therapy is key to achieving and maintaining desired weight loss goals.

Who Is Not A Candidate?

Contraindications for medication for weight management include, but are not limited to, pregnancy, uncontrolled hypertension, heart disease and seizure disorder.  An evaluation by a NuReveal clinician is required to determine suitability.

How Much Does The Treatment Cost?

Although NuReveal does not accept insurance, some prescription plans may cover the cost of the medication.  A follow up visit is required monthly to evaluate progress and make any necessary adjustments to the prescribed treatment.

*Individual results will vary.  Medically Managed Weight Loss is not intended to treat specific fat deposit areas.  For targeted fat deposit treatment see Fat Freezing.